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Noah Boock

Dear Friends and Family,
I have been volunteering for the Friendship Circle for over 2 years now and it has been so incredible. The Friendship Circle provides support to individuals with special needs and their families through recreational, social, and educational programs. In addition to helping those in need, I have gained so much by working with these incredible children. Seeing them smile and sharing their laughter is so rewarding. Everyone at the Friendship Circle is devoted to Friendship Circle's mission of love, friendship and inclusion.
In order to ensure that the Friendship Circle continues to grow and thrive, I'm asking you to support me in the Friendship Walk. I will be participating in this important fundraiser on June 3rd! Please make a pledge to help these wonderful children with Special needs, no donation is too small! Thank you!
In Friendship,


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Thanks for your dedication to Tikkun Olam, Noah!

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